Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Writing Workshop

I am currently taking a writing workshop that will take place over a two year period of time. The underlying premise is that to teach the writing process effectively to children one must develop a sense of self as a writer. I do believe that this is true.

At the close of the first session the instructors of the workshop asked that we attempt to reflect deeply about what is going on around us, and ultimately write about it. The actual topics we write about is probably not as important as the act of writing. However, we will immerse ourselves in this literary art form to hopefully become effective instructors of this process.

We will reconvene in a couple of months and share our work and talk about how the writing went for us. It has been a couple of weeks now since that last class and I am finally putting "pen to paper."

What can I write about? I have been finding that I am creating lists of possible topics to explore, reflect, and question. The first being Parenting 101, America, Wally World, Racism -Alive and Well, How's Your Blood?, and the list goes on. I hope to be able to choose a topic soon and really delve in to attempt to become succinct writer.

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