Saturday, September 23, 2006

Educational Technology

I am looking forward to learning more about blogging and publishing on the internet. I have been actively involved in finding out how elementary teachers apply this piece of technology to their classroom and how they engage their students with this idea.

Alan November, leader in educational technology, will be speaking at our school in October and I am eager to hear his words and ideas. I am certain that the educators that attend will become inspired and possibly overwhelmed with the breadth of information. We have breakout sessions scheduled after the presentation that are designed to allow each of the teachers to choose a class they would like to devote their time and energy to. With my interest being focused on writing and technology, I will be attending the session called, "How to publish your writing on line." I believe the sessions last about an hour and half.

We have a class at our school called Ultra Key, where the students work on typing skills for 30 minutes. I would like to convert this chunck of time for my class into an opportunity to utilize blogs. So, at this point I am at the crossroads as to how to implement such a plan. I am anticipating that most of my questions and concerns will be answered during the breakout session however, I need to think of my students safety first and foremost when dealing with the Internet. Am I going to have to purchase a license to use a particular blogging site? How will I begin such a project? Will I post a question for the students to write about? Will I use some content from the lessons?

I guess I am not so much worried about the content as I am the logistics of it all. Administrative and parental support, time in the computer lab, and just the "how to" of it all are really my major concerns. So, I search the blogs for other teachers that utlize this technology and welcome any guidance from anyone on how to implement blogging into the lives of my fifth grade students.

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