Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dinner Conversation

Four men, breaking bread and sharing a dynamic conversation. What can a teacher, machinist, self made millionaire, and an entrepreneur possibly talk about? My curiosity ensues and I am eager to talk with the man of wealth at the table. "Do you have any new ideas that you are considering?"

"What are you talking about?" Tim asks.

"Money making ideas, what is your next project? I mean at this point your cleaning business is booming, there is a waiting list for your storage facility, and the machine shop has taken a life on of its own. What's next?" I ask.

"I don't know." Tim replies.

I continue the conversation hoping to probe him for ideas. "I need a hook. I need to discover something that will enable me to become debt free but I just don't know. Maybe something in technology."

The machinist, Kyle, joins in and becomes interested in the idea of finding some avenue, some idea that can be bottled and sold so we don't have to live a life of bondage to the dollar.

After several minutes of conversing Tim finally pipes in by saying, "People think too hard, keep it simple. My wife and I went to the beach. Do you know what they charge for one hour on a jetski? 80 bucks."

Blaine, the entrepreneur replies by saying, "It's more like a 1oo bucks."

"OK, one hundred dollars. If you buy 30 jetskis and charge 100 dollars and hour to ride, how much do you think you'll make?"

Being a teacher, I had to respond quickly with, " 3000 dollars."

Tim, now really letting us have it with a simple idea says, "How much is that for an eight hour day? A week? 5 months? You hire a couple of beach boys to run around taking care of the jetskis, pay them 10 bucks an hour and all the beer they can drink, get yourself a top notch mechanic and bingo, there you have it, a simple idea."

Well, we were all ready to go buy jetskis and head south after that when Tim said, "Bike rentals, how hard is that? When I go to the beach I see bikes everywhere."

I leaned back in my chair and slowly sipped my hot coffee and the wheels were turning. Here I am sitting at a table with a millionaire who is sharing some pretty simple ideas. He wasn't done there either. Tim chimed back in by saying, "You can provide a service. Something that no one else wants to do and capitalize on it. Find out what everyone needs. That's what I did with the cleaning business. No one wants to clean toilets, so I did and I made a lot of money doing it."

We sat at the table for a couple of hours and we talked about a great deal of ideas. Blaine, the entrepreneur has never had a boss. His project he is working on now is transporting garbage from NYC to the landfill. These guys are making a bundle of money hauling garbage and from his angle he is the owner of the trucking company and is in the process of getting this going. Again, I simply find it interesting how the stories of people unfold. Kyle, has just filed bankruptcy and getting back on his feet at the machine shop that Tim owns. Blaine has this great idea with the trucking company but no funds to get it started. That's where Tim comes in, and I am simply a man working seven days a week in search of a hook.

I think there is another writing piece here, a deeper issue, perhaps a more riskier issue about my choices in life that has led me to work seven days a week. I will leave that for another time.

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