Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blue Bus Baby

I met a man today
That grew up on a blue bus
When I was thinking I had it tough
I met a man today
That grew up on a blue bus

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  1. Rocko's co-creator10:24 PM

    Just One More Forever
    Chords: EBA EBA EBA ABE
    Bridge Chords: EGDAE

    Have you ever wathed the rain fall?
    Or focused on the Flame?
    What goes down must come up
    and there's no one to blame

    Bridge 1:
    A waterfall of helium balloons warms the sands high atop a snowy mountain.

    I can feel the smoke rise
    Slippin' through my fingertips
    When it's gone it's all gone
    One more between my lips

    Bridge 2:
    An avalanche pours snow through Tijuana as I run backwards through a mudhole

    People come and people go
    It's the simple truth of life I know
    Find love in hate, not hate in love
    Have faith in high above

    Bridge 3:
    Drink a glass of sand while floating down a dry riverbed

    ....just one more forever...