Friday, November 10, 2006

Is the World Really Flat?

Friedman's New York Time Best Seller, The World is Flat has got me in a quandry.
We need inspirational leaders that will stand up and get our country looking forward again.

I think I am optimistic and hopeful about our cultures future but when I end up at Walmart at 1:30 in the morning to get medicine for my sick daughter I wonder what has happened to our culture. The kind folks loitering "Wally World's" storefront and the chaotic aisles remind me of some B grade science fiction version of Night of the Living Dead. Are we doomed as a nation? I just wonder about people sometimes when I walk by a group of so called adults wildly talking about the latest video game while the little girl in the grocery cart is doing her best to stay awake at such an hour. I really want to focus on the "right" but it is oh so easy to see all the wrong in this world.

Focus John, make a point you are rambling again. John F. Kennedy stood up in the middle of a crisis and boldly challenged America to put a man on the moon in 10 years. At the time, this was so forward looking that many thought it could never be done. But, America was up to the challenge and the nation rallied around a central idea fighting a central enemy. Where are the leaders of America today? What is our rally call? Who are we fighting?

I agree with Friedman who says that we have an opportunity to unite a country with a broken spirit by challenging the America that JFK knew to be completely independent and self reliant of all natural resources. Have a nation that is no longer using oil like an addict is with heroine. We, us, you, should "Go Green" and it should be done quickly and effeciently to reunite the American people, getting us moving forward once again and maintain our global leadership. No more worries about our heating bills, the cost of gasoline, or the environmental price that is being paid. Go Green, this is and should be our rally call and focus point for the next ten years. Challenge all the great minds of our nation to come together and solve this problem.

Where are the leaders who inspire? Are they but a distant memory? I spoke with a good friend of mine the other night who has been devastated, insulted, and embarrased by our governments actions in Iraq. The people of America need a rally call like never before to rekindle the flame that has dwindled to mere smoldering coals. The people of America are showing signs of fatigue and appear to be battered and beaten. I am looking for a leader that can inspire a nation and heal our wounds. I am looking for a leader that is geniunely concerned about America's place in history and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

I believe the enemy of today is not Russia as it was during the Cold War, or Iraq, or even Korea. I believe our enemy lies within. We are our own worst enemy. The standard of living and our lifestyles have allowed us a nation to become complacent. I am afraid that the American Family has taken such a blow that it may be difficult to recover from. Look it, no matter who is sitting in the White House or Congress they will never truly determine what happens in my own home. This is where the war is being fought. The American parents of today have such great challenges in raising children and surviving that ultimately it is the children who take the beating. The enemy is within each of us. We need to support the parents and families with everything we have as a Society or just like Rome, we will fall. We need to inundate our society with effective parenting programs, money, support groups, advertising, help lines, teaching centers, all completely funded in order to help parents and children learn to become a family again. This is the real battle, this is the enemy that we are facing and we are going to lose the war unless we stand up.

Inpirational leaders, Going Green, and educating and supporting the families of America...

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