Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Have a Dog

The author of Life's Little Instruction book suggests in his second point that "we" should have a dog. Well, I do but the time has come to say goodbye. We have a wonderful beast of burden, Baxter, who is an English Springer Spaniel. He really is a gorgeous dog but he has just become too much for our household to handle.

This is the kind of dog that requires about an hour of excercise a day and with three children and a crazy schedule he barely gets an hour a week. My wife and I have been contemplating this for quite sometime and we have found an old friend that lives on a lake that is very excited about the idea of taking Baxter. The dog will surely love it, open fields and a big puddle; What more could a dog ask for?

Anyway, I am sure that after a week or two the dog will be acclimatized to his new surroundings and I am hoping that my children will be too. Wish me luck.

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