Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better than Expected

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Technology Administrators, principals from all five elementary schools, middle school, and high school, President of the PTA, several teachers, members from the community, and all School Board Members. Oh yeah, and a guy with a big camera that said, "Channel 34 News" on the side.

Little ole Me ~ No pressure ~

I am telling ya, I was feeling very humble to be able to speak in the presence of such educators fortunately, as soon as I started speaking all nervousness disappeared. There was suppose to be another teacher presenting with me but due to an illness I went solo for about 45 minutes.

Wow! What a reception I received. For a moment I felt like a keynote speaker. A dream come true for me.

First, I am long winded, hence the title Anything but Succinct. Second, I have been reading so much and taking in so much knowledge about the mighty Web 2.o that I feel like I can explode. At any rate, I tried to remember to show excitement, to show enthusiasm in my presentation but balance it with a clear voice and a clear focus on student learning rather than the technology.

In the end, I was actually told that my presentation was "succinct," can you believe it? But it wasn't about me, it was about the students and what they had to say through their work. I simply extended their voices directly to those who have the power.

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