Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Never Too Late, or is it?

There are 13 days remaining, 3:00 on a Friday, and my fifth grade students have their infamous Friday Folders. This is when I discover that David Warlick's Blogging site, Class Blogmeister, has recently been unblocked on our school's server. YES!

I couldn't wait until Monday and found myself wishing there were more days left with my students so I could thoroughly get a blogging project off the ground. So, when I got home and started telling my wife about the great news she handed me a copy of Will Richardson's book Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms that I had ordered a couple of days prior. Perfect.

The weekend was intense while I was gathering as many resources as I could find from the Internet and organized some of the information on Mr. Howell's Classroom Wiki. I also found myself clinging to every word in Will Richardson's book and referring to many of the websites he noted.

During this year I have constantly felt this uneasy feeling that we were running out of time. Because of this, I have taught with an intense sense of urgency, not in a maniacal sense, simply utilizing each minute to its full capacity. I have turned a corner in my career and it seems that with every professional conversation I have with other teachers it always leads back to the same topic, "The World is Flat."

Am I insane to even take something like this blogging project on with so few days left in the school year?

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  1. better late than never! Maybe it will spark a few students to continue through the summer - hope springs eternal.
    Which means you will have to continue to moderate over the summer.
    Good luck to you.