Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Soldiers Demons

Vietnam veterans are still struggling and I wonder what demons our soldiers of today will have to battle.

My father was in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive in '68 and has only spoken of his horrific experiences a handful of times. When I was a young boy there were nights when I was rustled out of bed by the screams of my father as he was reliving his time in Vietnam during his sleep.

Despite the fact that decades have past he has learned to deal with those demons in his own way and even though I served in the Marine Corps, I still know to not ask. He seems to get along just fine these days but I am sure those demons creep out of the depths in which they are buried from time to time.

Today, a friend of mine opened the flood gates about his demons that he has had to live with from Vietnam. It is so hard for me to comprehend what it must have been like to live through so much death. These stories he told were not scenes from a movie or snippets from a news report; these were stories that my buddy experienced first hand.

We forget, well, I forget that there are men and women in the trenches right now at this moment as I am laying back on a comfortable couch in the safety of my home, while my younger children are tucked into their beds, and my older son is playing video games. I don't want to forget but at the same time I have turned a numb ear to much of what the media has to say about our war on terror.

I live my life as if there is no war going on at all but the reality of it is much different, there is a war going on and I must remind myself of this fact.

I wonder what life would be like if the war on terror was being fought in the streets where I live? I wonder how I would react if foreign soldiers marched around my neighborhood? For all the challenges and problems our country is involved in I am still so thankful to be living in America and to call myself an American.

I am so thankful I have not experienced the horrors of war but there are many who have. I hope and pray that our service men and women who are fighting the war on terror will have a speedy return back to their loved ones and be able to live their lives in peace without the challenges of any war demons.

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  1. amen. I was a high school student near the end of the vietnam war and lost had friends who lost older brothers and lost a few friends myself. Now I am the mother of a "nearly eighteen" year old son and the very thought of him going makes my throat close up and my chest hurt. At the same time I feel so guilty and selfish as I have a friend who has had two sons and one stepson all in harms way at the same time. Her two sons are in Iraq right now and I pray for them and for her and know in my heart that I could not handle that situation with the grace and strength she has shown.
    thanks for this reminder of how truly blessed we are to live in this country.