Sunday, September 09, 2007

Going Global with Alan November

I just listened to Alan November's podcast about "Going Global." He mentions that he has had the opportunity to travel to various countries and has witnessed the sense of urgency that teachers have that many American educators may be missing. I believe that during this podcast he was speaking with a principal who asked what he can do to build capacity and instill this sense of urgency that is desperately needed. Alan's response:

1. Skype ~ download skype and begin having conversations with people/educators from other countries.

2. Podcasting Workshops ~ send two students from every class to a podcast workshop with the teacher

3. Blogging~ personal, professional, and get students blogging.

I have heard Alan speak at our school last year, and I have since read The World is Flat and my teaching practice has changed. I am hungry to learn more and eager to let the students "own" the learning. I am still fumbling with trying to make this work in my class but I am taking baby steps and making progress.

I believe American educators are beginning to get it... the more blogs I read the more I am exposed to some incredibly innovative teachers that are blazing the path for the rest of the world. The message is clear: we as American educators have our work cut out for us to be able to empower students to compete in a global community. I am up for the challenge, are you?

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  1. Hi
    I have just read your post and thought I'd leave a message saying that you are welcome to contact me or my students to continue your flat world journey.
    I'm not sure what age you teach but I have a class blog which has links to my students' blogs - they are 11 - 13 year olds.
    I am also available on Skype or Twitter.