Friday, October 05, 2007

Wikis in Action

How can teachers save time and utilize their resources among one another effectively? Well, the fifth grade teachers and library media specialist at our school is trying to do just that by using our wiki. I created a PBWiki account several months ago and have been fumbling around trying to find practical purposes for it and I think we now have one.

Objective: The teaching staff will have one place to call their own where we as a building can share our lesson plans, the resources we used, a collection of Internet sites, and a place to share our reflections as well.

I have come across some well developed wikis that has provided a great framework for me to use when beginning to design our wiki.
Wes Fryer
Joyce Valenza
David Warlick

The constant theme that comes up is "time" and there is never enough. I find that even the teachers in our own building struggle to meet and collaborate on a regular basis. I do believe that a wiki could help ease some of that pain but that is just me. I need to somehow build in momentum for this tool with the other teachers to actually get this project off the ground without sounding like an evangelist, which according to my wife, might be my biggest challenge.

I would love to hear from folks who use wikis or if you know of space that has been created where teachers are saving time and sharing resources.

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  1. John,
    I think a wiki can provide an opportunity to do more, or different things, or to do the same things, but in totally different and more meaningful ways. But I don't know that using something like a wiki will save anybody time...

    It's a tough sell, I know. But if we try and think outside the box a bit... Here's an example of my elementary school's wiki. I started it up over a year ago - and it is still wide open, editable by anyone. The parents have absolutely gone to town on it. I had hoped teachers would take charge, contribute regularly, etc, but it's about time, as you say, so it is what it is:

    This wiki will replace our 13 year old school home page within a year, I believe. You can see the transistion happening at Good luck! Mark