Sunday, November 18, 2007

"First the Brain then the Face"

Saturday, November 17, 2007 will hardly be a day I will forget anytime too soon. There I was in the cathedral like lobby of the Riverside Convention Center at 6:50 a.m. feelin' like a kid that woke up early on Christmas morning waiting for his folks to join him. There were a few workers setting up for the NYSCATE Conference but for the most part it was like a ghost town, large building, few people.

Being the good student I am, I found a strategic seat that allowed me to see what was going on and who was showing up. I pulled out the Mac and started fumbling with Twitter when a recognizable face appeared in the lobby. "Are you David Jakes by any chance?" I asked somewhat reluctantly. Sure enough he was and had a seat next to me and we began a conversation.

Several weeks before, when I knew I was going to be attending his workshop I began to read through his blog where I had the chance to meet his "brain" and this meeting allowed me to meet his "face."

David's workshop was simply amazing. The experience reminded me of the first time I saw the Grand Canyon; humbling and wordless. You never forget the Grand Canyon after you see it, you are never truly able to wrap your words around it's magnitude and power. At this point, I look forward to taking a few days to process this and continue to move forward. I am so thankful for the learning opportunity and will be wrapping my head and words around the magnitude and power of the Read/Write Web.

Thanks David Jakes!


  1. First I have to say that the title of this post made me expect something totally different and I'm still chuckling about that! Second - my kids would say you truly are a geek! My daughter gets excited about seeing the "Plain White Tees" perform while I want to buy a "tee" shirt that says I met David Warlick LOL

  2. I participated in David's workshop on Sunday (the day you crashed and took the video, I believe...). I have been reading David's work for a year or more now, and was delighted to get the opportunity to spend a day with him, and meet his face :-) His work on the web is terrific, and his workshop in person was even better!