Monday, December 03, 2007

A Conversation Between Me and Myself

"Now wait a minute young man, this is not a race the Web 2.0 is not going anywhere!" The little voice said.

"I know but I am so excited to be able to begin a global project with my students, you don't understand." I responded with great enthusiasm.

"Well, you have completely immersed yourself in the ways of preparing our students for the 21st Century and I can sense your obvious excitement. How will you begin your blogging project?" The voice asked.

"Thanks for asking, first I will get parents involved by sending home a letter explaining how the program will work and hopefully they will sign the permission form. Then the immersion will begin," I said with great confidence.

"I see," said the voice skeptically. "Let's not forget about safety because you know that will be the first issue that you will have to convince the community about. Have you thought about how you will handle this very important concern that parents will most likely have?" The voice spoke with grave concern.

"Absolutely! Blogmeister has a nice addition where all posts and comments come to me first before they are posted online."

The voice interjected, "Oh, excellent."

I continued hardly able to catch my breath. "Yes, safety is an important issue and we want to protect our children however, in these noble efforts of protecting our students I think part of my job is also to empower students to make their own educational decisions, to help them realize that learning can take place far outside the four walls of our classroom, that they too can contribute to the global conversation and begin to see themselves as part of a global learning community which will hopefully ignite a passion for learning that I completely lose control over."

"Wow! You have really thought this through, " the little voice said with amazement.

"Actually, everything that I have mentioned has been said before by people much smarter than me, it's just that I have begun to develop my own personal learning network."

With a look of bewilderment, the voice said, "A personal what?"

"A personal learning network. This is where I am able to learn from folks who contribute to the global conversations and the beautiful thing is that I am able to learn when I want because I am not limited by time or a physical space. Learning can take place 24-7-365. Pretty cool huh?" I spoke as if I just scored the winning run in the big game.

"Ok, so what your saying is that not only are your students realizing their learning potential but you are too?" The voice spoke with a little twinkle in the eye.

"Hey, I am a teacher and a learner. We need to own this new way of learning for ourselves before we can ultimately help students through this process."

The voice was hooked, "Ok, I would like to participate in this learning adventure with your students, how can I begin?"

"Follow me, let's go check out our blog."

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  1. Really interesting approach. I would like to use the content and credit you.(and send folks to your site) but didn't see a CC License. Do you mind?

    Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach