Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Writer's Reflections

1. What insights have you learned about yourself as a writer since participating in the blogosphere?

Writing forces me to slow down in the midst of the storm of information. A year ago I would not have even considered myself a writer outside of the daily grind of teaching. Sure, there were lesson plans, writing comments on report cards, creating a to do list, or writing out the bills, but never a time for true reflection. Reflection happened on the drive home, not on paper and surely not on the infamous W.W.W.

At this point, I truly reflect on my teaching by taking the time to write, and boy does it take time. The act of writing forces me to think through my thoughts succinctly, which has never been a strength of mine. It is a challenge but going through this experience I find myself being a much more effective teacher of writing.

2. How has participating in the blogosphere changed your perspective about your own writing?

I think deeply about my writing and take a great deal of pride in what I post. Do I think of myself as a professional author? No way! But, I do feel that I can contribute to the conversation at some level. At this point, I at least view myself as a writer with something to say where before this experience I don't think I would say that.

I have learned that this could be more than a one way form of communication, although when I first started posting on this blog I felt that I was talking to myself.

3. What are some ways that I am currently helping my students be meta-cognitive reflective writers?
  • Conferencing ~ Using the language of a writer "What are you working on as a writer?"
  • Modeling my own struggles and successes as a writer through Think Alouds
4. What are new strategies which I could implement to help my students be more self reflective about their writing development?
  • Student Blogs ~ focus on one aspect of writing (Mini-lesson daily or weekly)
  • Have students journal about the purpose of conventions as well as their own struggles and accomplishments.

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  1. Very interesting. Maybe when we return from kidney transplant land I will be able to concentrate more on the process. For now the blogosphere, rather than being educational, has been a medium to communicate with friends and family while my husband heals. I think that we try to fit blogging into a box when it is as changeable as any other communication vehicle.