Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chasing Shadows

They we were marching our way through the crisp crunchy snow in the yard, singing silly songs and exploring the great outdoors, when all of sudden... huh? What's that? A shadow? The next several minutes were spent trying to catch those crazy things.

My kids are so curious about the world around them. Their entire day seems to revolve around this same theme of investigating the unknown. My goal is to nurture their sense of curiosity and cultivate their natural sense of wonder and hopefully maintain this well beyond their "school days." I can't imagine this being an easy task but all in all, I would simply love for my kids to find something they are passionate about.

My 4 year old son runs up to me and says with an incredibly excited voice, "Daddy, daddy, guess what."

"What," I say with the same curious intensity.

"I want to be a teacher when I grow up! Yeah... and I will have my very own laptop, iPod, and a cup of coffee."

Too funny! This is simply a gentle reminder to me that our children are watching and listening very closely. Gavin is only 4 but his mind is already working toward his future... I hope that whatever he chooses to spend his time on that he is passionate about it. I am very curious myself to see where his future will lead him, and what the world will be like when he is a young man. I do hope that I am able to model and instill a sense of life long learning that will equip him for uncertain times, and that he has the courage to follow his heart.

I have just finished watching a video from Seth Godin, who spoke about this idea. His message was clear - kids curiosity seems to get smothered along the way and we as educators and parents are charged with just the opposite. It's no easy task as a parent or a teacher. The pressures of today's world are enormous and I can't see them getting any easier. Despite the challenges ahead, both as an educator and parent, I am hopeful, ready, willing and able.

So, if Gavin wants to be a teacher when he grows up, great! If he wants to be an accountant or rap singer, great! Even if he wants to chase shadows, that's fine with me as long as he is able to tap into something he is passionate about and curious about. I think my job as a parent is to listen, I mean really listen, encourage, cultivate, and of course guide along the way. But, I do not want to be a voice that stifles his curiosity.

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