Friday, June 20, 2008

Burning Both Ends

I have to tell you that it has not been easy as of late to write, not easy at all. There seems to be this strange mountain of responsibility strapped on my shoulders that suddenly appeared out of no where. My once late night learning sessions have quickly transformed into early evenings where I find myself grotesquely flopped up on the couch and the laptop still safely snug in its bag.

I have reached a point where my time is saturated and I can no longer bleed the stone. Summer vacation seems to be calling for me this year...and I long for the time to pause but for a moment and reflect. Perhaps then I will find the much needed energy to devote to my family, my children, my writing. I can hear my wife gently saying, "you know, the children will not be young forever." She is so right!

Roles as of Today
~ Husband
~ Father
~ Teacher
~ Consultant
~ Landscaper
~ Life Long Learner

~ It surely seems as though I am burning the candle at both ends ~