Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taking a Step Back

I took some time tonight to analyze the design elements of one particular blog by Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project, which is outside of the edublogs I normally read. I then happened to stumble upon an article by Seth Godin, How to get Traffic to Your Blog and these two folks got me to-a-thinkin'

Within Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project blog, I focused on the right and left margin and found a plethora of fantastic bells and whistles that kept my attention and kept me scanning for more interesting nuggets of information. Seth's comprehensive list will keep me pretty well occupied for quite some time - thanks Seth.

Blog Analysis
The Happiness Project
  1. Professional Photo ~ this is what Seth would have called a salacious photo
  2. Short Video ~ rather simple but very effective and can be easily done using iMovie.
  3. 3 ways to subscribe ~RSS, Newsletter, email
  4. My Twelve Commandments - a personal touch
  5. Different Places She is Found online (Twitter)
  6. Every Wednesday is Tip Day ~ Keeps them comin' back.
  7. What Started My Thinking - quotes from authors that have inspired her
  8. Happiness Library - other links that are not her own that relate to her subject
  9. Podcasts - again...very simple but very effective and can be done easily using Garage Band on the Mac
  10. Life Remix ~ a badge to the Social Network she is a member of.
Overall ~ this is a very busy blog with a great deal to consider just in her left and right margins alone. I have not yet read any of her posts yet but learned a great deal about her from what I have READ, LISTENED, and WATCHED just in the margins. This blog has been in the making for about 2.5 years and I am sure she has added these elements a little at a time over the life of this blog.

So for me it's pretty important to step out of the edublogosphere but for a moment and take a critical look at the design elements of my blog and consider some changes. I am not sure about the salacious photo but Gretchen and Seth have left me with a great deal to consider.

What elements do you think I should consider adding to this blog? Any and all advice would be welcomed.

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