Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Understanding by Design ~ Stage 3

I don't think Father Sarducci has experience with Understanding by Design where his goal was on those Enduring Understandings.

Best Designs for Learning
In our third and final day at the UbD workshop we were asked to think back on our personal experiences as a learner either inside or outside the classroom and describe the characteristics that made the lesson engaging.

1. What was the most well designed learning experience you have encountered as a learner?
2. What features of the task made the learning engaging, effective, or enduring?

The catch however is you cannot focus on the teachers style or your personal interests.

My List of Engaging Learning Experiences (in no particular order)
  • time to "play"
  • immediate feedback
  • expectations were clear
  • support along the way
  • There was a sense that I was able to accomplish the task
  • Choice
  • Authentic
  • Hands-On

I twittered this question "What do you think makes a lesson engaging for students?" and Jeff Lewis, a fourth grade teacher from Colorado responded:

So I ask you, what else would you include in the list for engaging learning experiences?

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