Sunday, September 28, 2008

Info Influx

I have a confession to make...I rarely, I mean rarely get through the unread links in my Google Reader account. However, I usually find myself going through the Delicious links first and today I zeroed in on Will Richardson's.

He bookmarked an article from the School Library Journal titled Now Embeddable: Google Books! by Joyce Valenza and boy did I have a time with this. As I do with the nifty Web2.0 gadgets I come across, I was trying to see how I can make this new Google Book embeddable feature work in Our Wiki, unfortunately I had no luck.

So, I was bouncing back and forth from Google's Operating System Blog to the School Library Journal and back and forth between my blog, Our Wiki, and my classblogmeister account to try to get this feature to work. There must have been 10 tabs open at the top of my Firefox browser as I was trying to manage the madness.

I was to prevail in time, but oh did it take time. Here's the thing, it takes me an ungodly amount of time to figure this Web2.0 "stuff" out and because of this I rarely get through my G-Reader. I have also come to realize that this is's the network that I have created and the information isn't going anywhere. So if it's needed I can surely search through and find the information that I am looking for.

Here lies another aspect of what I am figuring out about myself. The obvious part: There are only a certain number of minutes in a day and I have to be as strategic with them as possible. For me, it always come down to this question: "How am I going to help my children and my students manage the massive influx of information and be as effective as possible about the choices they make and how they decide to spend their time if I am not able to model this for them?" The good ole lead by example...I guess this is the Marine in me.

So I have opened the flood gates and allowed myself to be subjected to the blast of the blogosphere so that I can learn how to not only stay afloat but to learn how to truly leverage this for myself. So at any rate, it took me a good chunk of the day to figure out how to embed Google Books into wikispaces and I am still working at it. I was able to embed books here in Blogger.

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