Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Steps

Ok, so I have been thinking about my presentation to my students' parents during our first Curriculum Night, which is scheduled for the end of September. Last years power point presentation was a spectacular Non Example of how to utilize power point and so I am now in the process of a complete overhaul.

Last Year's PowerPoint: In the famous words of Leelefever, "booo..."

Curriculum Night 2007
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This Year's Presentation that I will speak to:

Curriculum Night 2008(Ppt)
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Here's the thing. I am attempting to build a bridge between myself and the parents. So of course, I do spend some time introducing myself and this year, my attempt was to simply use photos that I will speak to in order to achieve this goal. I guess you can say these are little steps towards Digital Storytelling.

Then, instead of blasting my audience with a ton of text on each slide I only use a short phrase or word that will help prompt me as to what I will speak about. However, I still feel as though the parents may want to take notes or jot questions or concerns down along the way so, I designed another presentation/handout that is text driven that will correspond with my verbal presentation.

I think this is a small step, hopefully in the right direction. I did spend 3 or 4 nights putting this together after all of the family went to bed, which is OK. Working through this project did allow me the opportunity to focus on the essential points that I want to speak to. In the end I will be able to chalk this up as another learning experience in the digital landscape.

Here is the corresponding handout that the parents will have during my presentation:

There are a few glitches in this presentation such as 2008 showing up twice on the title slide and a few hyperlinks that are not accessible and I am not sure why.
Curriculum Night Ppt
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