Sunday, September 21, 2008

Writing Momentum

The first couple weeks of the new school year seems to be going very well with this group of fifth graders. I am strategically and energetically setting up the routine for our Reading and Writing Workshop and already finding much success.

Teaching reading and writing is most definitely an art form and I think to do it well, really well, the teacher has to let go of some control. We are not painting by numbers but rather helping students believe and live their lives like readers and writers. I think the first part in empowering students to think like this is to give them the opportunities to read and write about things they are passionate about.

Perhaps they may not be passionate writers at first, but I can tell you that after a couple days of sharing out what they have written for the day, everyone wants to have the chance to read their favorite section to the entire class. The momentum is definitely in my favor right now, the key is to keep it going. So, the challenge I have been thinking about is, "How am I going to sustain this writing momentum?"

Actually, I already know the answer...I think.

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