Sunday, October 05, 2008

Eternal Fall

There is something majestic about this time of year with the continuous collage of colors that gently roll over the New England hills, where hot coffee tastes a bit better, where smooth jazz seems to strum the heartstrings, and warm sweaters feels oh so right. I love it and could easily live out the rest of my days in eternal fall.

This morning my kids and I stepped out of the house away from the t.v., computers, and even books just to spend some time gettin' dirty and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, my days during the week are hectic and my weekends can be pretty crazy as well working a second jobby job, but today was all about the kids.

As much as I enjoy the constant hustle and bustle that technology brings and teaching 21st Century Skills there is still something in me that hungers for tranquility and a place where there are no signs of civilization. Let me tell ya, I think it is getting pretty hard these days to find such a place. When was the last time you were outside at night and could not see any other lights around, whether it be from another house or a town or a city?

I long for the endless sea of brilliant sparkling stars in the depths of the sweet autumn night sky. I guess this is from my Henry David Thoreau influence.

Oh, by the way, we are getting a Smart Board in our fifth grade classroom.

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