Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking a Hatchet to My Aggregator

Tonight I took a hatchet to my G-Reader and deleted many RSS feeds that I simply have not given any attention to lately. This was really long overdue. There was a slight sense of guilt that was associated with this process but then again Google Reader is part of the network that can and will change as needed. So, the guilty feeling is gone and I am now on the look out for other intermediate elementary teachers that are blogging to build the G-Reader back up.

I have recently added the following bloggers in the good ole aggregator that seem to focus heavily on intermediate elementary issues:

Lisa's Lingo by Lisa Parisi
A fifth grade teacher that I had been following on twitter for awhile but for some reason I did not have her blog or her Delicious feed in my Google Reader.

Creating Life Long Learners by Matthew Needleman
"Creating Lifelong Learners is a blog which aims to offer practical tips for elementary teachers in teaching language arts, valuing students and their cultures, appealing to different learning modalities, and integrating technology in the curriculum."

Two Writing Teachers by Ruth Ayers and Stacey Shubitz
"Good teaching is good teaching. Too often we get caught up in what’s happening in our own classroom walls or in the faculty lounge of our own school building. This blog is a place that erases all of those barriers and focuses simply on teaching kids to write and catching minds in the midst..."

Angela Maiers
"I am proud of my 20-year career in education, especially the years I spent as a classroom teacher. I am currently working as an independent consultant dedicated and committed to helping DOE’s, schools, districts and teachers reach their goals in literacy and literacy education."

The challenge with this type of social network is that I feel I take much more than I give. Anyone else feel this way too?


  1. Thanks for reading. I'm also a fan of the other blogs you mentioned.

  2. Thank you Matt, I have certainly learned a great deal reading through your blog and look forward to the continued adventure.