Sunday, January 04, 2009

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me(me)

After reading Mike Sansone's 7 Things You Didn't Know About Me(me) and being tagged by Steve Ransom I have decided to jump in and give it a try.

U.S. Marine
most folks that know me can't believe I was a Marine but I served for half a decade honorably. Oorah!

Can't Read a Note ~ a music note that is. I grew up listening to my dad play the guitar and piano and I would sit down after him and figure out what he was playing which trained my "ear to hear" the music. I did take lessons for awhile but it never worked out so ultimately I can't read a single music note. I can play the guitar, drums, piano, accordion, harmonica, bass, and the spoons.

Waterski ~ I lived on Waneta Lake for much of my childhood and during that time I spent the summer months behind the boat and on top of the water. So much so, that after graduating high school I decided that I would go to waterski school so to become a "professional." I quickly realized that I was a small fish in a big pond and headed back home to New York. I did manage to ski the perimeter of Keuka Lake, a 72 miles non-stop journey, to raise money for the United Way .

First Car ~ My first car was a very used 1975 Chrysler Cordoba that had the colorful word "Whiplash" painted on the back. I bought this beast for $150.00 which lasted me through my senior year in high school. Unfortunately, the heating unit broke which made those early morning winter drives to school in Upstate New York a challenge. So, I would give my friends blankets as I picked them up and I would sit on one of those heating pads farmers use when they sit on their tractors.

Roller Coasters ~ can't ride 'em. Nope, won't do it and you can't make me. Long story made short: When I was 5 the largest roller coaster in the world was the Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion in Virginia and my dad convinced me to ride this monster. Of course, just before the lap gate dropped closed and locked my dad jumped out and left me in the roller coaster car. Even though my mom was still with me I was pretty well traumatized for life. What was Dad thinkin'?

Bill Cosby Himself ~ Probably the funniest stand up that I have ever seen. I was 12 when I first watched this and I haven't been the same since. Here are few samples to get a flavor of this show.

Needles ~ At this point, I just joke with the nurses and let them know that before you give me that shot I should be laying down on a table because for some unknown reason I can't seem to stay awake for them.

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    I appreciate your tag!!!! THANK YOU so much! I read your blog almost daily. This week has been crazy getting back into the swing of school. deb

  2. Thanks for the tag!