Sunday, January 03, 2010

Goin' Gloggin'

Kevin's Meandering Mind is a blog I have been following for the last couple of days now and his writing is steeped in some really good ideas.  I am going to follow suit in his latest, Considering Glogster, as a reading project with my fifth graders.  Here is a link to his Glog which I used as a model to create my own.

Reasons Why Using a Glog is an Awesome Idea
  • Extends their learning and interests by identifying and linking to a variety of other sources online
  • Chance to share their creative spirit online with the embeddable feature that Glogster provides.
  • Talk more with each other about the books they are reading.
  • More accountability
  • Using a Glog is just plain fun!
If you are interested in creating a Glog with your students here is an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions that will go over much of what you'll need to know to get started.