Monday, August 29, 2011

Above and Beyond

Barbara Bray, who recently wrote an article called 4C's Gives Students Wings gave me an idea on an activity to use during the first week of school.

First, we'll watch this short animated video.

Then, in a Socratic Seminar format we will discuss the 4C's

  1. Communication

  2. Collaboration

  3. Critical Thinking

  4. Creativity

There are a few points that I really like about this video. One is the fact that the personalities of the two characters are very different from each other, yet they find a way to work together. There is no doubt that learning can be messy and that we each have our individualized learning style or preferences. However, these two students discovered a "win-win" scenario and ultimately created something better than they would have alone.

Here is a list of a few guiding questions to help facilitate dialogue within the group.

  • What were the some of the learning differences between the Charlie and Maya?

  • Which way of thinking is better?

  • Do you have to follow directions to create something spectacular?

  • When is it o.k. to not follow directions?

  • Which type of character are you more like?

  • What do you think Maya meant when she said, "we've only just begun?"

  • The final scene shows Charlie and Maya going Above and Beyond and then joined by others with similar inventions. If someone creates a spectacular invention is it o.k. to use their example to create your own similar design?

What other questions could I ask?

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