Sunday, January 22, 2012

Media Literacy

I am working with our Library Media Specialist on designing a Global Warming Unit for fifth graders.

We signed up for a Digital Media Literacy workshop organized by Chris Sperry from Project Look Sharp who is training us on how to embed Media Literacy skills within the Science Curriculum. One of the goals for this workshop is to create a lesson plan that will be posted online.

Our work can be found at the Library Science and Teacher's Alliance website where we are piecing together our ideas with the help of Chris.

At this point, my understanding of Media Literacy means to use a sense of critical thinking to be able to:

  • analyze and interrupt the bias of a particular piece of media

  • determine the credibility of a particular piece of media

  • gain an understanding of multiple perspectives on a single topic.

This type of thinking will have to be taught to my students.  It's not easy and to be honest I am learning how to do these very important skills myself.

What does Media Literacy mean to you?

What are some examples of how you decode and analyze the media sources in your life?
Engaging in critical thinking when evaluating media messages

 Being able to evaluate the credibility of information from different sources

 Recognizing media’s influence on beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, and

the democratic process

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Time is the never ending challenge for all teachers. My last contribution to this blog was before the 2011-12 School Year actually began some 5 months ago. I had a chunk of time in the car heading home and thought I would record my thoughts at the moment.

Besides that reflective moment I haven't contributed to the blogosphere in a while. I mean I have added to my Diigo Bookmarks and created digital spaces for my students, but as far as personal and professional reflections...just haven't taken the time.

So I ask myself a few questions:

1. Is blogging something I really want to continue doing?
2. What are the opportunity costs involved?
3. What positive or negative unforeseen consequences?
4. What other questions could I be asking myself?

As for me, I am off to making pancakes for the kids and then out to shovel the driveway before this afternoon's basketball game. I shall be pondering throughout the day.

Keep on keepin' on.