Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reading with a Nook

I know, I know the eReader debate is a passionate one but check this out!

We have a Nook Color in our house and I am reading the Percy Jackson books to my son Gavin.  He seems to be enjoying the adventures and twists and turns that Rick Riordan has written in the first book The Lightning Thief.

Here's the cool twist with using the Nook that I have discovered both as a dad and a teacher.


You can highlight different sections of the text as you read.  At first glance this may seem inconsequential but wait...there's more.

I typically read a few chapters ahead of Gavin and highlight:

  • new characters

  • interesting or challenging words

  • important sections of the text.

Then I hand over the Nook and let him read.  He can see my highlights and after which we can talk about the book.

Through this process I am modeling my own reading habits. I am thinking out load for my son by the use of these highlights and it signals to him that, "uh oh, daddy highlighted something here, it must be important."

What has quickly happened is that he is now highlighting sections while he reads which again may seem inconsequential but wait...there's more.


There's a section built into these eReaders that allows you to scroll through all of your highlighted sections which for me, gives me a heads up as to what his thinking is.  How cool is that?

Just that feature alone is worth the cost of admission, but it gets even better.


Not only can you simply highlight sections or words but you can then insert a note.  A note.  Unbelievable.

With this feature I am then able to jot down:

  • questions I have

  • predictions I make

  • connections

  • random thoughts that are connected to that particular part of the book.

I am hooked.  Seriously hooked.

Also, just like with the highlighted sections you can also scroll through an archived list of your notes as well. Just too cool!

Think of the possibilities.

Over the course of several years we can have a collection of all our highlighted sections and notes off all the books we have read on one of these cool devices.  Whew!


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