Saturday, June 07, 2014

Chess Club

During the winter months our incredibly brilliant P.E. teachers started an early morning intramural class. The kids showed up in droves.   The parents dropped them off at school a bit early and they ran down to the gym to join their friends and get a little exercise and have fun before school.  

So I got to thinkin'... during those times when the intramural class is not in session that I could start a Chess Club.  There are a few logistical components to sift out but all in all it seems like a completely doable project to dive into.

Why Chess?
There's plenty of research that clearly shows the benefits of teaching and playing chess. Here are a few bullet points.

  • problem solving skills
  • cognitive development
  • critical thinking
  • creative thinking 
  • self esteem
  • memory
  • organization

The benefits go on and on.

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