Saturday, August 16, 2014

Firsts, Lasts and Important Events

Some Firsts
Roller coaster ride
Lost a tooth - frisbee
Kindergarten - naps and knuckles
Ice skating on Waneta Lake
Driving the boat alone
Barefoot waterskiing
Trying to waterski
First Day of School
Stitches - foot in Virginia
Bike riding - exploring and going out of bounds
Sledding down Maplewood

Some Lasts
Last Day of School
Saying Goodbye to Grandma
Grandma and Grandpa get married in the hospital

Some Important Events
Graduation at Parris Island
Water Skiing Keuka Lake
Dad playing the organ growing up

One of Lucy Calkins' narrative lessons is to think of firsts, lasts and important events in our lives to generate ideas of what to write about.  The lists should help writers not just come up with an idea but help them discover something that really matters to the writer.  Go deep.

As I was jotting down ideas I was trying to think of firsts, lasts and important events that my fifth graders could potentially relate to.  I of course have vivid memories of my wedding and the birth of my children but would my students benefit from these examples?  Perhaps not.

At any rate, as I was creating the list I was forced to go down memory lane.  I had to reach back into my history and pull little bits and pieces of my past life to the surface and toss that idea around a bit.  The one that sticks for me as of right now is the very last one I came up with; Dad playing the organ when I was younger.

Making music is a big part of who I am and it comes from all the time I spent as a kid listening to my dad playing the organ or the acoustic guitar.  Music is one of the gifts my father has given to me.

So my next post will be the actual narrative I will write about this important event in my life.  For now, it's time to ponder.

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