Monday, August 18, 2014

Generational Hands

My first Slice of Life - wish me luck.  :-)

My father has given me a gift that keeps on giving...the gift of music.

I have vivid memories throughout my entire life of dad sitting in front of the organ banging away on the ebony and ivory keys to a synchronized drum beat and tilting his head back with eyes shut and singing as if trying to raise the roof.

As a young boy I would get lost in those musical moments.  I'd stand behind dad and really listen and watch to see which keys he would press and when.  I paid close attention to the intonation of his voice as he played the low notes and then shifted to the high ones.  In time, I began to understand his melodic stories that would unfold in front of him.

He was sowing seeds that I am now reaping.

After dad turned the power button off and slowly walked away I would carefully crawl up onto the slippery wooden organ bench.  I'd place my fingers over the same smooth keys just like dad did. I'd tilt my head back and close my eyes just like dad did.  In time, I would be able to sing those same melodic stories just like dad did.

I'm 43, married with kids, and still sliding up onto the slippery wooden bench and sitting down to tickle the ebony and ivory keys.  Although I'm singing my own melodic stories now I am clearly reaping what dad has sown.

Often, while I find myself lost in a musical moment banging on the keys with my head tilted back trying to raise my own roof, I slowly look out of the corner of my eye.  There they are!  My own children.  Watching, listening, dancing along with their dad and going on the magical musical ride.

I suppose just like my dad, I too am sowing seeds.  I hope and pray that my children receive this gift that keeps on giving and maybe someday they too can sing their own stories.  

My Sister and I - 1984

In 2010, I had a chance to get a recording of Dad doing his "thang" and for a moment I joined in.

Gavin at the Piano
My Son Gavin - Age 4

Amelia at the Piano
My Daughter Amelia - Age 2


  1. I love the way your slice of life story came full circle. You truly are sowing the seeds right now. What a wonderful gift to give to your children.

    Welcome to our writing community!

  2. I believe we were singing to mom asking her for "a ham sandwich" in this picture. Great post. Thank you for sharing. Great memories!